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Welcome to my Napoleonic Uniform Evolution Pages! I hope you like my new look? During the next few months I will be constantly adding to these pages. This is a somewhat monumentous task I have undertaken as the scope of this work is awe inspiring to say the least! So, please, do not expect this site to grow overnight! Even when I have completed this work and all the countries at left have become active pages there is still the likelihood that some new data or bit of information will pop up and changes and additions will be made to these pages as time goes by. Please note: At the bottom of your browser window, below the frame you will see in the headline the status of a Nationality's pages when your cursor is over the button for that Nationality. A SORRY, CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING! message text at the bottom of your browser window, means that these pages have not yet been posted or are still under construction, therefore do not visit them as yet!

As an aid to navigating this site and upon suggestion from many of my viewers, I have now added an INDEX at the start of each section. Also, at the bottom of each page there are now navigation arrows as shown below:

to assit the visitor in navigating the pages. I hope you will find these two new methods useful and that they will help you in finding those areas of particular interest to you in a fast and efficient manner.

The order in which I will be treating with each Nationality is as follows:


I thank all those people who visit and have visited my site! I hope you will continue to do so in future. I also thank those that have helped me to make this website a success, and I invite all your comments and/or questions with regards to this site or anything else to do with Napoleonic uniforms! I am always there to help with any questions dealing with the subject you might have. You have but to E-mail me and I will do my best to assist in any way possible to answer your questions... I hope, to eventually make these pages "THE ULTIMATE SOURCE" of infomation regarding the Uniforms worn by the armies involved in the Napoleonic Wars.

Won't you please assist me in making this site a success?

Creating and maintaining a site such as this takes endless hours of research, work creating the HTML code and uploading, a considerable investment in books, prints and other materials. Fortunately with my recent decision to move my site to the www.0catch.com server, it is no longer costing me an annual fee to maintain such a large site in echange for placing a small banner ad at the top of each of my pages. Personally, I do not mind the slightest in putting in as much time and effort as is needed to make this site complete for the benefit of all my fellow Napoleonic enthusiasts, collectors, wargamers, researchers, and scholars alike. However, any donation that any of you might wish to make to assist in deferring my costs as a token of appreciation for this tremendous task I have undertaken for your benefit would be greatly appreciated! I am not asking for a membership or anything of the sort, however, any monetary gift, exchange of information, books or data supplied by any of you viewers of any size regardless how small or large a contribution would be accepted equally with my personal thanks.

If you do not wish to contribute, that is not a problem, you are still welcome to view and make use of these pages at any time, but if you wish to ensure the continuation of this work, please won't you help! I thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

Please send your contributions to:

John P. Stallaert
P.O. Box 833, Campbellford
Ontario, Canada, K0L 1Y0

Or you can always send attachments to me by E-Mail anytime! However, please make your attachments as small in file size as possible as the size of my inbox is limited. Thank you!


Need help reading my pages in your own language? Click on the SYSTRAN button at left, they will automatically translate my pages for you online one by one free of charge. Translation is not 100%
perfect but it will be a big help to you all the same.

This site is proud to be a member of the new Napoleonic Community Online!

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